Oct. 17, 2012. A woman places a flower onto the names of domestic violence victims during the annual “March of Brides” in downtown Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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This isn’t to say that the women tweeting messages like “Not gonna lie… I think I’d let Chris Brown beat me.” and “Chris Brown, please beat me ;)” deserve to actually be beaten or shamed— whoever raised these women should be. How fucked are we as a society that a number of women find the sort of non-consensual battering that Rihanna endured an expression of giving and receiving love? And the proliferation of winky face emoticons tells me that these women aren’t trying to be ironic.

The women who offered themselves up for a Chris Brown face punching are not the problem; they’re the symptom of a culture that teaches people (and especially young women) that love is submitting to your partner’s ever whim and not holding them to any sort of behavioral standard. And there’s no better expression of love, in this fucked world view, than letting your partner use you as a punching bag. “I love you so much that I’d let you punch me in the face a bunch of times” should not be a thing. And yet, here we are. Should we have expected anything different?